Broward Music Educators Association

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BMEA membership is considered active if the member is employed as a music instructor in Broward County and has paid membership dues.

Business is transacted using Roberts Rules of Order. A quorum consists of 50% of active membership.


BMEA sponsors the All County Honor Concerts and is responsible for collecting and dispersing membership dues and money from vendors and patrons, the bulk of which involve expenses related to the concerts. BMEA also presents awards and recognition to guest conductors, teachers, students, administrators, school board members, vendors, patrons, and others who excel and/or have a positive impact on music education in Broward County. Component organizations within BMEA are the Broward County Band Directors Association (BCBDA), the Broward Elementary Music Teachers Association (BCEMTA), the Broward County Orchestra Association (BCODA), and the Broward County Vocal Teachers Association (BCVTA). The association board meets twice a year to assess the operations related to the honor concerts, improve the process where possible, and to address issues within the county and state that affect music education. Component chairpersons address component members to convey the views of the board, to further discussion when needed, and to conduct voting if necessary. All BMEA members are encouraged to attend and provide input. 


The board is comprised of the curriculum specialist, five officers, the member-at-large, and component chairpersons. Officers are nominated or volunteer and are approved by the board. A quorum consists of 25% of active board membership.

Curriculum Specialist:

  • serves as the executive director of the association
  • acts as an adviser to the board
  • is a non-voting and non-paying member
  • secures and pays for the venue whenever possible, usually the Coral Springs Arts Center, for the four honor concert performances. This includes three           rehearsal rooms for the all day rehearsals.
  • works with the board and the venue to secure dates and times for rehearsals and the concerts.
  • prepares and prints the program for the honor concerts.
  • prepares and prints certificates for All State students for presentation at the honor concerts.
  • works to obtain continued funding and legislative support from the school board, as well as local and state organizations.
  • acts as master of ceremonies at the honor concerts and BMEA dinner, presenting awards to school board members, special guests, and others.
  • works with the board to improve music education in Broward County.

President: Serves two years

  • holds two board meetings per year.
  • meetings are to review the all county concerts process, finances, share successes, and address issues affecting the membership.
  • works with the curriculum specialist and board members to secure all county dates, sites, program, and award information, as well communicate on-going       agenda items with the board, teachers, and other integral personnel.
  • secures vendors for the honor concerts via email agreements usually in April of the preceding year (see contact info below) and assures vendor             reimbursements to BMEA.
  • provides vendors with personnel assistance at their request. Personnel are paid by the vendor.
  • sends honor concerts program information to the vendors and curriculum specialist two weeks before each performance.
  • presents clinicians with checks (obtained from the treasurer) at the honor concerts and returns completed clinician invoices to the treasurer.
  • approves reimbursements to components for expenses related to the honor concerts or obtains board approval when necessary.
  • purchases plaques for clinicians, coordinators, school board members, and others when appropriate and presents awards to coordinators at the honor     concerts. 
  • obtains complimentary CD's from Encore Audio after each concert and mails or ponies them to clinicians, component chairs, and the curriculum specialist
  • assures the annual BMEA dinner is booked and that awards are purchased for those being recognized for achievements or those retiring.

President-elect: Serves two years

  • attends board meetings and familiarizes themselves with BMEA business during the two-year tenure of the active president before assuming the role of president. The president-elect assists whenever feasible.

Past-President:  Serves one year

  • attends board meetings the year following their tenure to further assist the new president as necessary.

Secretary: Serves two years

  • records meeting minutes and posts them to the board for review within two weeks of the meeting.

Treasurer: Serves at the discretion of the board

  • collects and receipts BMEA dues and income from vendors and patrons.
  • pays clinicians a $500 honorarium and accompanists $300 and any expenses incurred by them approved by the board (Contract is here).
  • writes checks for BMEA expenses and to the components for their share of the dues after BMEA disbursements, as well as reimbursements approved by the board.
  • provides a current report for both board meetings. The report includes component budgets.


  • attends board meetings, acts as a liaison, sounding-board, trouble-shooter, facilitator, and general assistant for the board. The vote of the member-at-large can provide a quorum in the absence of other officers.

Component Chairs:

  • coordinate with the board to address issues regarding their respective groups, including the honor concerts and music education in the county.
  • establish and maintain the integrity of the all county audition process.
  • check the BMEA website and communicate with the board regarding audition and rehearsal dates and times to avoid overlap.
  • secure local clinicians for the all county honor performances (prospective clinicians are discussed with the curriculum specialist before securing) – PHD’s for the high school groups, high school directors for the middle school groups, and middle school directors for elementary group. Clinicians are secured for the all-day rehearsal and performance, but may be asked to conduct a "night-before" rehearsal at the discretion of each component chair. Conductors for additional rehearsals are the responsibility of each chair.
  • provide a proposed annual budget at the first meeting and an actual budget at the second meeting to the treasurer.
  • have clinicians and accompanists complete the clinician contract and submit to treasurer prior to being paid.
  • present receipts for expenses incurred with the honor concerts to BMEA for reimbursement. Board approval is required for special circumstances.
  • send program information for the honor concerts to the president and curriculum specialist two weeks in advance. This includes full titles of each piece, along with full names of composers and arrangers, the names and bios of the clinicians, as well as the names and instruments of the students and accompanists.
  • assure that every honor concert begins with a rendition of the national anthem.
  • provide the venue representative (Coral Springs Arts Center, 954-340-5000) with set-up requirements for the rehearsals: number of rows, number of chairs, number of stands in each room, (students are supposed to bring a stand) and also arrange for someone to open up the venue for directors and students by 7:45 AM for the all-day rehearsals. 
  • must arrange for full percussion equipment for each rehearsal room.
  • present awards to clinicians and All State students at the honor concerts.
  • assure that every participant receives a program and certificate.
  • promotes Pepwear, Encore, and Excellent Video Solutions prior to each performance by passing out their flier to every student.

Website: James Hammond, Lyons Creek Middle School

VENDORS:  Vendors reimburse BMEA with 10% of profits

Pepwear: sells shirts and plaques at the all county concerts that have student's names on them. This information is provided by the president two weeks before the performances. Pepwear provides BMEA with a percentage of the proceeds. Pepwear provides a contract via email to the BMEA president, securing each event with an event number. Sample correspondence is here and here. A flier is sent to the coordinators in advance, which is printed out and presented to every All County honor students and participating director.

Pepwear contact is Claude Hedspeth, 1-800-587-4287, [email protected].

Encore Audio: records the band and orchestra honor concerts and sells the CD's immediately following the concerts. Complimentary recordings are provided to the clinicians, coordinators, president and curriculum specialist. Program information labeled on each CD is provided by the president two weeks before the performances. A flier is sent to the coordinators in advance, which is printed out and presented to every All County honor student and participating director. 

Encore contact is David Hillberry, 786-395-5168, [email protected].

Excellent Video Solutions: provides a DVD recording of the vocal groups immediately following the All County performances.

EVS contact is Gerald Armbrister,

Crown Trophy: is the vendor of choice for all county plaques given to coordinators, clinicians, and school board officials. A sample is here.

Crown contact is Abbi, 954-748-2785, [email protected].


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